by Nola Larue

Category: Novella (WIP)


Rinna Skywalker: Daughter Of Rey skywalker and Finn. Padwan to Luke and Rey Skywalker.

Ben Solo Jr.: Son To Kylo Ren/Ben solo and Kira dalenia-Solo, Apprentice to kylo Ren and Snoke.

Shara Pava Dameron: Daughter To Poe dameron and Jessika Pava, Twin sister to Hope Dameron. Training Under 'black leader' and 'Blue Three', also trains as a Padawan to Rey Skywalker

Hope dameron: Daughter of Poe Dameron and Jessika pava-dameron. Twin sister of Shara Dameron. Trains to be the future 'best pilot in the galaxy'

When these kids are brought together, nothing can stop them.

(Sequel to "A rebel friendship" and "A Jedi and a stormtrooper")

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Children of a Rebellion