Hey, Team USW Writers!

Just a few tips for formatting your articles so that when it comes time to post , they can go live almost straight away versus any chance of a week+ delay!

Tips (images to examples & links for apps below!):

  1. Always double check spelling and grammar.

  2. Insert links for any books, tv shows (including individual episodes), films, artwork, podcasts/podcast episodes, etc. when referencing said content. See image below for reference.

  3. If using graphics (photos/gifs) please insert clear, high-quality images into the exact desired location when using our preferred Dropbox Paper writing app. Login info located below. We suggest that before you get started with DbP, please go through the tutorial on the DbP dashboard/homepage (image example below!).

  4. Meet a minimum word count of 300 with a maximum of 2,000 words per article.

  5. All articles must have a Title, Section Breaks (to avoid lengthy paragraphs/reader fatigue!) and a conclusion with contact information readily available.




An example of a formatted article that uses links and section breaks.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 12.13.48 PM.png

Dropbox Paper

Login info: / te@mUSW1977


Completing Your Article

Conclude your article with at least 1 link for readers to easily reach out and contact USW. You choose which to link to of USW’s: The Twitter, email or any of the other Social Media platforms USW is a member of!

Note: You don’t have to write your first draft on Dropbox Paper. You can write it privately on any of your preferred writing apps and then copy + format (links, section breaks, images, etc.) to Dropbox Paper when your story is ready to go live.

…And that’s it! If you have any questions or trouble logging in/accessing Dropbox Paper, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either Eve or Devin – you can email us at, as well. We will check the DbP folder every other day for updates; if you write your article on a Monday, it will be posted a day or two after.

Lastly, be sure to bookmark this page to save the passwords, links and such!

Thanks so much for being the most awesome podcasting team in the galaxy!