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Episode 161: Live from Pour Taproom!

On this episode, the USW team broadcasts from Pour Taproom in Santa Cruz, California, as they welcome Eve to the West Coast. We talk about recent announcements concerning The Mandalorian, whether Kylo gets his groove back, and if the latest in Star Wars animation is the gateway drug for lifelong fandom.

We also host several rounds of Star Wars trivia with taproom patrons, and share a good laugh along the way.

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Episode 160: What Are Luke Skywalker's Most Pivotal Lines of Dialogue?

More than just quotable lines of dialogue, our favorite characters also have key moments in their story when their words mark pivotable moments that powerfully shape them. This week, we begin a new series: What My Line: A Closer Look at Pivotable Character Moments. And, of course, we rightfully begin this series with Luke Skywalker!

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Episode 126: How does Star Wars teach us the value of being a lifelong learner?

The Star Wars story is filled with teachable moments - but too often is the case that the learner is not ready to learn. What are the benefits of being an open-minded and lifelong learner, and where do we see these moments within Star Wars?

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