Episode 79: Fifty Shades of Gray (Jedi)


Episode 79: Fifty Shades Of Gray (Jedi) On this episode of Unmistakably Star Wars, Eve, Beks, Devin, and Jeremy discuss the concept of Gray Jedi in Star Wars and how it might influence future storytelling.

Also on the show:

  • Bryan at Brick City Blockade confuses Jeremy with his latest Jedi Scavenger segment.
  • The woes of Star Wars collectors.
  • The crew discusses the future of Star Wars publishing and what they are most looking forward to.
  • Does Mark Hamill’s comments about The Last Jedi and Luke cause worry on the part of fandom?
  • What prequel era Jedi might show up in Han Solo? Is that a good thing?
  • Finally on the closer look segment, the crew takes a look at Gray Jedi and if they have a place in Star Wars…

So Let’s GO!!!!