Episode 81: Missing Moms In Star Wars


Episode 81: Missing Moms in Star Wars

On this episode of Unmistakably Star Wars, Eve, Devin, and Jeremy talk about where all the moms have gone in Star Wars.

Also on the show:

  • The segment that is sweeping the nation: “I Will Follow”
  • Devin, Eve, and Jeremy discuss if Disney understands Star Wars.
  • Jeremy shares how he is addicted to reaction videos.
  • Devin continues to bask in his "hot Kallus" look.
  • Eve has Mondo Art issues.
  • Should the Princess Leia character be in Episode 9?
  • Was it OK that Rian Johnson asked for changes to The Force Awakens?
  • The wonderful Dr. Annalise Ophelian, director of "Looking For Leia," comes on the show to chat about her film and woman in Star Wars.
  • Finally, on the Closer Look segment, the gang takes a look at the role of Mothers in Star Wars and in their own lives.

So Let's GO!!!!!