Episode 128: What Lessons Can Star Wars Learn From Black Panther?


What’s been the secret to the success of Black Panther – and can it happen for Star Wars, too? What lessons can Star Wars take from Black Panther?

News story for this week: SOLO: A Star Wars Story Trailer #2 Breakdown

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  • False Hope of Really Great Trailers? (Link)
  • Five Takeaways from the new SOLO trailer (Link)

CLOSER LOOK: What Lessons Can Star Wars Learn From Black Panther? 

  • Black Panther Sinks Titanic at the Box Office (Link)
  • Is Black Panther A Defining Moment for the United States? (Link)
  • Why Black Panther is a Bigger Box Office Success than Star Wars or Jurassic World (Link)
  • Black Panther Succeeds on the Strength of its Villain (Link)

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