Episode 136: Is Star Wars Still Essential Viewing?

On this week's show, Beks, Devin and Eve sit down and chat about whether or not Star Wars is essential viewing. We also cover a few topics from Admiral Ackbar's final words (in comic form!), Solo's box office flop, Episode IX's working title and if Star Wars films should have a year or two, or more, between releases... 

News Stories For the Week: 

  • New Star Wars 9 Working Title Revealed, What Does It Mean? (Link)
  • ‘Star Wars’ Comic Reveals Ackbar’s Last Words, Secrets of Leia’s Space Flight (Link
  • Insiders Report That Disney Plans To Go Back To Putting A Year Between ‘Star Wars’ Movies After ‘Solo”s Soft Opening (Link)
  • Solo Is Officially the First Star WarsMovie to Flop (Link)

Closer Look: Is Star Wars Still Essential Viewing? 

  • Why Star Wars Is No Longer Essential Viewing (Link)

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