Episode 138: Has Star Wars Reached Its Breaking Point? (Part II of III)

This week on part 2 of the discussion, Beks, Devin, Eve and Jeremy chat whether or not fans and fandom want critically acclaimed films versus commercial success and what both of those mean in relation to Star Wars. We also discuss Kathleen Kennedy, George Lucas and how many more (NINE!) SW films are on the horizon. 

New Stories For the Week: 

  • There May Be As Many As Nine Star Wars Movies In Development (Link)
  • George Lucas Admits "Fans Would Have Hated" His Ideas for Star Wars Sequel Trilogy (Link)

Closer Look: Has Star Wars Reached Its Breaking Point? 

  • The Case For Kathleen Kennedy (Link)
  • Can 'Star Wars' Survive Kathleen Kennedy's Critically Acclaimed Box Office Hits? (Link

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