Episode 141: What Does A Healthy Relationship Look Like Between Creators & Consumers?

On this week's episode, Barb, Carl, Devin, Eve, and Gina talk about the relationship between content creators – LucasFilm, Disney, etc. – and the consumers. How the conversation has evolved, and devolved, over time and examples of this. We also chat Star Wars #50, potential filming locations for Episode IX, and two characters (one confirmed) that will make an appearance in said untitled ST film. 

News Stories For the Week: 

  • The Empire's Retribution Begins in Star Wars Marvel #50 (Link

  • Marvel Reveals How Darth Vader Began Infiltrating The Rebellion (Link)

  • Marvel's Star Wars Comic Takes A Dark Turn (Star Wars #50 Review) (Link)

  • STAR WARS: EPISODE IX Will Shoot Scenes At Cardington Airship Sheds; Does This Signal A Return To Yavin IV? (Link)

  • ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Eyes Keri Russell (Link)

  • Star Wars: Episode IX Reportedly Casts Keri Russell In An ‘Action-Heavy’ Role (Link)

  • Billy Dee Williams Joining ‘Star Wars’ Episode IX, According to The Hollywood Reporter (Link)

  • More Hints That a Familiar Star Wars Star Could Return for Episode IX (Link)

Closer Look: What Does A Healthy Relationship Look Like Between Creators & Consumers?

  • Fan Fury, Fan Power: The Changing Relationship Between Creators & Consumers (Link)

  • Chuck Wendig Tweet Thread (Link)

  • Artist Compiles How Harassment from Star Wars Trolls Has Affected the Franchise's Cast and Crew (Link)

  • Ahmed Best - Once Suicidal On Account of Fan Backlash (Link)

  • Opinion: Why Christopher McQuarrie Swearing Off Star Wars Might Actually Be A Good Thing (Link

  • A Potential Star Wars Director Is No Longer Interested Following Fan Harassment (Link

  • Did ‘The Last Jedi’ Ruin Your Childhood? James Gunn Tells Angry ‘Star Wars’ Fans to ‘Go to Therapy’ (Link)

  • James Mangold's Reactions to James Gunn's Tweets (Link)

  • Media Fandom & Audience Subcultures (Link

– The Continuum Of Fandom [Diagram discussed on show] 

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