Episode 150: Who’s the Most Underutilized, Underrated Character in the Empire/First Order?

On this weeks episode, the USW crew flips Episode #148's question on its head and explores the opposite for our closer look segment. We also chat Carrie Fisher rumors for Episode IX, a possible Boba Fett return and spoilers for Darth Vader comic #20 and its link to The Phantom Menace. Bonus: LOTS of laughter and insight this week, so you won't want to miss it! 

News Stories For the Week:

  • Marvel’s Darth Vader Unravels A Huge Phantom Menace Easter Egg (Link)

  • Star Wars: Could These Deleted Scenes Explain Leia's Story in Episode IX? (Link)

  • Fan Theory: Episode IX Will Feature Boba Fett and A Clone Army (Link)

Closer Look: Who’s the Most Underutilized, Underrated Character in the Empire/First Order?

  • How would you want to see this character expanded?

  • How might an expanded role have changed previous installments of SW?

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