Episode 173: What Are Ezra Bridger's Most Pivotal Lines of Dialogue?

On this weeks episode, Barb, Carl, Devin, Eve and special guest Johnamarie Macias from The Wookiee Gunner & Geeky Bubble Pod sat down to chat the latest and greatest in Star Wars news! From rumors of a Red Fury – Red Stormtroopers – coming to a Galaxy far far away and a website’s ranking of the best soundtrack scores of all time (psst John Williams wins by a landslide) to an insider look at the upcoming Galaxy’s Edge, courtesy of good friend of the pod, Clayton Sandell! We continue the series into best character dialogue this week with none other than Johna’s beloved Blueberry, Ezra Bridger!

News Stories For the Week:

Closer Look: What Are Ezra's Most Pivotal Lines of Dialogue?

Here are some of the questions we covered about Ezra:

  • What is it about Ezra that makes him a compelling character?

  • In what ways did we see the character grow over the course of Rebels?

  • What are some moments of dialogue that reveal pivotal moments in Ezra’s growth as a character?

  • Favorite lines?

  • Is Ezra’s ‘best’ line still ahead…?

  • Will we see Ezra again? Where? How?

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