The Force Discourse: Ahsoka!


The Force Discourse: Ahsoka!

Chapter 2

On this episode of The Force Discourse, Devin and Jeremy sit down to discuss the life and adventures of Ahsoka Tano.

The guys, with the help of Amy Ratcliff (of Full of Sith and Latte's with Leia) discuss:

  • What makes Ahsoka so important and compelling?
  • Why is Ahsoka a great student?
  • Isn't she just like a teenager when we meet her for the first time and isn't that OK?
  • Is Ahsoka alive?
  • What place does Ahsoka hold in the overall story of Star Wars?
  • To get further insight into Ahsoka, Jeremy sits down with writer/podcaster Amy Ratcliffe to discuss the novel Lord’s of the Sith.

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