The Force Discourse: Palpatine's End Game & Author Paul Kemp


The Force Discourse: Palpatine's End Game & Author Paul Kemp

Chapter 1

On this inaugural episode of The Force Discourse, Jeremy and Devin sit down to discuss the character of Sheev Palpatine.

In this episode the guys, with the help of Paul S. Kemp, discuss:

  • Palpatine's history, his psychological profile, and his greatest moments.
  • What are Sheev's best pick up lines based on existing lines of dialogue?
  • What is the true purpose of the Death Star?
  • Manipulation and how Palpatine is a master manipulator.
  • What secrets does the novel Tarkin has for fans of Palpatine?
  • What is Palpatine's end game?

To get further insight into Palpatine, Jeremy sits down with author Paul Kemp to discuss the novel Lord's of the Sith.

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