Rebels Reaction: Double Agent Droid (S03E19)


Welcome to Rebels Reaction, the show where we recap and react to the latest Star Wars Rebels episode. On this episode we react to Double Agent Droid (S03E19)

Double Agent Droid:

One Word Reactions:

  • Christine: Emotional
  • Tyler: Fun/Terrifying

The Big 3:

  1. Mission Launch
  2. Chopper Found Out
  3. Chopper Takeover / Hera's Revenge

Bottom Line:

Some might argue that this was a filler episode, and some elements did feel that way, but we did get some interesting nuggets to add to Canon and a fun story too! We get some hints about the ISB and how Thrawn is using them to gather information. It was a little shocking that no one at the Killun-71 base did anything during the episode and that the ISB Controller unable to pass any information along before the ship was destroyed. The way the ISB cruiser went down was even a little unbelievable. I get transferring data and with that comes some power, but enough to blow up a Gozanti-class cruiser? I'm not so sure.

In spite of some stretching of the imagination in the final sequence, Hera going full mama-bear was awesome! AP-5's constant ranting was hilarious and part of me was glad to see Chopper unable to get away with doing whatever he wanted. Biggest lesson though, don't just let your droid connect to the network willy-nilly! Even though Double Agent Droid wasn't one of the strongest episode of the season it was still a fun episode and one I would watch again.

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Music: DJ AG