Rebels Reaction: Through Imperial Eyes (S03E17)


Welcome to Rebels Reaction, the show where we recap and react to the latest Star Wars Rebels episode. On this episode we react to S03E17 - Through Imperial Eyes

S03E17 - Through Imperial Eyes:

One Word Reactions:

  • Christine: Scary
  • Tyler: Overconfident

The Big 3:

  1. Ezra arrives
  2. Thron arrives
  3. The plan unravels

Bottom Line:

What was Kallus thinking!? Doesn't he know that Thrawn will out whit and outlast anyone? It was fun to see Kallus take center stage and show his true talent, but it was an episode full of tension. Did Kallus miscalculate his ability to avoid detection? What will Thron do with his new knowledge? Only time will tell if Kallus made a poor choice when he did not get on the shuttle with Ezra.

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Music: DJ AG