Rebels Reaction: S03E14 - Warhead


Welcome to Rebels Reaction, the show where we recap and react to the latest Star Wars Rebels episode. On this episode we react to S03E14 - Warhead.

S03E14 - Warhead:

One Word Reactions:

  • Christine: Validating
  • Tyler: Bully

The Big 3:

  1. Zeb in Charge.
  2. Poor Choices.
  3. Danger Ahead.

Bottom Line:

It was great to see Zeb finally be featured in Season 3! We get to see fun interactions between Zeb, Chopper and AP-5. While the rest of the Ghost Crew is out on a training mission Zeb is left to look after Chopper Base. When a mysterious droid is found Zeb decides to bring it back to the base, which proves to be a poor choice. We get to see some of Zeb's leadership style and how he has to fend off bullying from both Chopper and AP-5. After finally subduing the Imperial Infiltrator droid AP-5 is able to reprogram it as a booby-trap for the Imperials. Zeb's plan works and a Star Destroyer is taken out. Yet, Thraw once again dominates the end of the episode. Fun plot devices to drive the overall story forward. It'll be fun to see what come next!

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