Rebels Reaction: Twin Suns (S03E20)


Welcome to Rebels Reaction, the show where we recap and react to the latest Star Wars Rebels episode. On this episode we react to Twin Suns (S03E20)

Twin Suns:

One Word Reactions:

  • Christine: Unexpected
  • Tyler: Wisdom

The Big 3:

  1. Ezra's Vision
  2. Ezra is where he doesn't belong
  3. THE Confrontation

Bottom Line:

Wow! What an episode! Wish it could have been longer, but we still got so much in such a short amount of time. Even though the episode centered around Ezra and his poor choices, Ben Kenobi brought so many different elements into the story. His final confrontation with Maul was much faster than we anticipated, but still very meaningful and full of symbolism. And the final shot of the two suns and Aunt Beru calling to Luke! Chills!

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