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Episode 150: Who’s the Most Underutilized, Underrated Character in the Empire/First Order?

On this week's episode, the USW crew flips Episode #148's question on its head and explores the opposite for our closer look segment. We also chat Carrie Fisher rumors for Episode IX, a possible Boba Fett return and spoilers for Darth Vader comic #20 and its link to The Phantom Menace. Bonus: LOTS of laughter and insight this week, so you won't want to miss it! 

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Episode 146: Which Characteristics of the Empire/First Order Are Compelling or Good?

On this week's episode, Barb, Carl, Devin, Eve and Gina sit down and discuss which characteristics or parts of the both the Empire and the First Order are compelling to us, or even good. What facets of the organizations are interesting or work, and does admiring those traits taint our view of the Rebellion at all? From real world to science fiction and back again, this week's episode is a must-listen! 

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