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Episode 177: Star Wars Celebration Hopes & Predictions

On this episode of Unmistakably Star Wars, Barb, Carl, Devin and Eve sit down and chat all the latest and greatest circulating the interwebs! From Mark Hamill voicing the iconic demonic doll in the upcoming Chucky film this summer, and Werner Herzog nabbing a “real villain” role on The Mandalorian to even more Mandalorian news that Disney reportedly ordered a second season of the as-yet debuted series – it was a good week for announcements! We also continue our closer look topic this week with more SWCC speculation and have a whole lot of fun doing so! Listen now & enjoy!

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Episode 156: Does Killing Characters More Fully Engage the Audience?

On this week’s episode, Barb, Carl, Devin and Eve sit down and cover the latest in Star Wars news; from Mark Hamill’s controversial tweets, episode IX box office predictions and more info on Vader’s mysterious castle on Mustafar, the gang had quite a bit to say! In our third act of the show, we take a closer look at whether or not killing essential characters either alienates or more fully engages the audience. You won’t want to miss what each of us have to say!

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Episode 126: How does Star Wars teach us the value of being a lifelong learner?

The Star Wars story is filled with teachable moments - but too often is the case that the learner is not ready to learn. What are the benefits of being an open-minded and lifelong learner, and where do we see these moments within Star Wars?

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