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Episode 196: The Future Of Star Wars Storytelling

On this weeks show, we talk all about the latest and greatest, as always, in the Star Wars news pool! From Benioff & Weiss’ role at Lucasfilm, Resistance coming to a close with the upcoming second, and thus final, season, to more murmurs about an Obi-Wan show coming to Disney+, this week is jam-packed with some good goodies! Our closer look topic also takes an ethical and interesting turn at the future of storytelling in Star Wars. Join us…

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Episode 147: The Last Jedi Is the Best Luke Skywalker Film. Period. Full Stop.

On this week's episode, Beks, Devin, Eve and Jeremy sit down and chat everything from Star Wars underperforming in the Chinese film box office to Disney's streaming woes and retcon rumors that have whispers of Obi-Wan returning for Episode IX. We also take a closer look at Luke's journey and hypothesize on whether or not The Last Jedi was indeed Skywalker's greatest film. So, was it? Listen below to find out what the gang thinks! 

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