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Episode 158: Do The Fictional Female Characters In the Star Wars Galaxy Live In A More Egalitarian Society Than Women In Our Reality, Or Are Their Treatments More Parallel?

On this weeks episode, Barb, Carl, Devin, Eve and Megan sit down and chat all the latest and greatest goings-on on the Star Wars circuit! From the newly announced Cassian Andor TV series coming to Disney+ to the soon-to-be Galaxy’s Edge Millenium Falcon ride with a not-so-happily-ever-after guaranteed ending…and just does what Han Solo’s name really mean?! For this show’s closer look we discuss whether the female characters in the Star Wars universe live in a more egalitarian society than women in our reality? You won’t want to miss what each of us have to say!

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Episode 155: What is the single greatest theme portrayed in Star Wars...other than ‘hope’?

On this week’s episode, Amy, Ashley, Barb and Devin cover all the latest and greatest in the Star Wars news! From the brand new behind the scenes Empire Strikes Back documentary to whether or not the Mandalorian is critical to the future of Star Wars and…was Solo the movie everyone slept on(?!), the team covers it! Our closer look topic this week is all about what we each think is or might be the single greatest theme in Star Wars, other than hope. Don’t miss it!

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Episode 151: Which Star Wars Film Boasts the Best Theatrical Poster?

On this week’s episode, the Beks, Devin, Eve and Jeremy sit down to chat which of the film franchises theatrical posters are our favorites…and why! We also discuss the latest and greatest in news; from The Last Jedi holding the #1 title in blu ray sales, and yet another article about that group of the films “fans”, to deleted footage of the infamous Order 66 scene in Revenge of the Sith, we cover a wide range with this episode!

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