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Episode 189: Exploring Macro Themes – Hope

On this weeks show, Beks, Devin, Eve, Gina, Jeremy and Megan sit down and discuss the latest news going on in Star Wars! From Marvel debuting more of Luke’s Jedi training back story, what the Japanese title of the Rise of Skywalker could mean for the story, to Daisy Ridley calling EPIX’s ending “Epic,” we cover the gamut! We also continue our mini series on macro themes found within the Star Wars universe with “Hope” as our closer look! Join us…

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Episode 188: Exploring Nature vs Technology In Star Wars

On this weeks show, Barb, Devin, Gina and Megan sit down and chat all the latest and greatest going on in the land of Star Wars (and no, we don’t mean Galaxy’s Edge!). From Bryce Dallas Howard directing The Mandalorian and Pedro Pascal’s comments on the similarities of the show to Game of Thrones, from Star Wars Celebration Anaheim tickets being sold out (and then resold for 3x the price!) to Michelle Rejawn, producer of The Rise of Skywalker, who now is the Senior VP of of Live Action Development & Production at Lucasfilm, LTD! We also continue our current closer look series into macro themes in Star Wars with Nature vs Technology! Let’s do this…

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