The Force Discourse: Darth Bane: Path of Destruction

On this episode of The Force Discourse Carl, and Jeremy begin their 3 part read along of Drew Karpyshyn’s trilogy about Darth Bane.

In their conversation they discuss/ask:

  • How can the reader cheer for a bad guy?

  • Is Bane translatable to the big or small screen?

  • The best and worst moments of the Novel.

  • Is Sith philosophy something that is understandable/accessible?

So come join us on this fun read-along!

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Brandon Boylan, Jim Capron, Derek DeVerney, Dave Hackerson, Michelle Grondine, Matthew Keegan, Chris Leddy, Steve Long, Neil Lowery, Mario Piper, Kyle Roussel, Regina Sanders, Connie Shih, Aaron Sinner, Christa Smolenski, Franklin Taylor, Rik Villanueva, Michael Ward and Amy Wishman.

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