The Force Discourse: Jyn Erso


The Force Discourse: Jyn Erso

On this episode of the Force Discourse, Carl and Amy do a character study of Jyn Erso.

Using Rebel Rising by Beth Revis, as well as Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel by James Luceno and Rogue One in their discussion, they discuss/ask:

  • Is Jyn a tragic hero?
  • If so, what is her fatal flaw?
  • Did Jyn really ever have a choice in who she really was?
  • Was Jyn a rebel, imperial, or neutral at heart?
  • Which theatrical edition of Pride and Prejudice is better, the BBC or Keira Knightley version?

Finally Amy and Carl decide whether Rebel Rising enhanced, diminished, or had no effect on their opinion of Jyn.

So Let’s GO!!!!