The Force Discourse: Rogue One Primer - Part 1


The Force Discourse: Rogue One Primer - Part 1

On part one of this two-part episode of The Force Discourse, Jeremy sits down with Carl to discuss Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel.

Carl and Jeremy discuss:

  • What worked and didn't in the novel
  • What, in our world makes a great scientist and is Galan Erso one?
  • The rivalry between Krennic and Tarkin and why it is one of the best parts of the novel.
  • Kyber Crystals and their impact on the lore of Star Wars
  • The gaps that Catalyst fills in Star Wars history and how it helps flesh out the saga we love.
  • The influence that Jyn (as a young child) has over the other characters.
  • What are our favorite things about Catalyst?

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