The Force Discourse: Rogue One Primer – Part 2


The Force Discourse: Rogue One Primer – Part 2

On part two of this two-part episode of The Force Discourse, Jeremy sits down with Bryan of Jedi Scavenger and Kyle of Tumbling Saber to talk about the looming release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

They discuss:

  • The marketing of the film and if it was too much.
  • What is at stake with the release of the first of the stand-alone films?
  • If Rogue One is successful should Lucasfilm do away with the Saga films?
  • What is unique about Rogue One?
  • The diverse cast and which characters seem to be the most compelling.
  • Who might live and who might die from the Rogue One Team.
  • How the Lore of Star Wars might change?

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