The Lesson

by Neil Lowery

Category: Novella

a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away

The battle had been ongoing for a week, but finally the first order was bringing the planet Archos 2 to heel. It was a lush world, jungle and heat were its striking features in the command module, riding towards the planet surface. Stood captain Phasma battle reports. We’re coming over the com link. The last remaining resistance were being rounded up . “ how many did we lose “ she said in a tone of annoyance and disgust. “ 40 “ the co pilot relayed to her “ when they return to ship , all troopers into basic combat training “ . “ captain, activity in sector 6” “ our’s “ Phasma said “ no , insurgents “ phasma smiled Beneath her helmet, the co pilot said “ squad 2 is near , do I task to engage?” “ no , have them hang back “ “ I’ll give these rebels , a first order hug “ battle phasma thought . this will be fun. “ land one click away “ she said

the shuttle raced low over the jungle tops , then slowly eased to lower in a out clearing. phasma punched the landing ramp button she jumped into a run, through the jungle. suddenly she stopped. a scream sounded in the air a native ran toward her , the Archos 2 population were more monkey like than human . phasma side swiped the lunge of the native . She quickly took out her blaster and shot the native dead. her in helmet display showed the remaining natives fleeing. she strode forward to a first order staging point . “ report “ phasma said sternly. A trooper stepped forward “ captain, all resistance mopped up “ a sensor blinked on a panel , “ captain, we’ve found them “ . Human settlements had cropped up on various parts of the planet. the first order had tracked a resistance spy to this world. “ they are holed up in a seven story residential building . “ how many “ phasma inquired “ unclear , about 30 life forms “ “ Mercs “ first order intelligence had found out the spy had a foot in the underworld. “ an army to guard “ phasma smirked . “ all forces leave now “ , “I will deal with this myself “ .

the building was old and crumbling, scorch marks throughout, but that didn’t matter to Jan Skyro. her escape had hit a big problem, the first order had found her . a rodian walked into the room “ they are nervous “ he said “ I’ve paid them well enough, not to be “ skiz laughed “ what’s good money now “ . Jan smiled “ plenty “ “ you think I wasn’t busy, before you arrived “ skiz looked puzzled “ why are most of the mercs on the upper floors, I’ve set traps “ . “ a army will find it difficult, we have the high ground “ jan frowned “ normally yes , but I suspect, it’s no army coming “

the first order camp was silent, all forces had left, Phasma stood in the tent . She had shed her silver chrome armour, she wore a silver cat suit. a knife, macro binoculars and small blaster was on the bunk bed . “ death is sleek and subtle “ . Phasma went into her training regimen. punches , kicks . Swerving forward and back . The dance of death . “ still improvements needed “ she thought .

jan walked down the corridor, the old apartments were mostly empty. her living space Wasn’t comfortable, but it would do . she sank onto her bed . she caught a glimpse of herself in a cracked mirror. Jan Skyro was 70 , but looks could deceive. her legs were robotic, blown off in a battle 10 years before. she picked up a picture frame “ soon “ jan said .

the vast star destroyer. hung in space, on the bridge. A trooper gave his report.” All forces are back on board, except one “ “ one “ cannady said “ yes , captain phasma “ “ bloody hell , whoever is down there “ “ they are toast “

Rix was 19 , he had come to this world, under the lure of money and a quick job . “ the same old sentry duty “ he thought as he trudged behind the residential building . A sudden movement came behind him . phasma had watched for twenty minutes. Before making her move , she caught Rix in a headlock. “ when are you relived “ she whispered “ not for two hours “ he said scared “ good, we have time for a dance “ phasma smiled . The knife went through Rix eye socket, phasma quickly pulled the body into the jungle “ you dance well “ she whispered to Rix lifeless body

phasma attached a infa red module on her micro binoculars . lasers cross crossed the back door . She saw a small control panel next to the door. phasma smiled she crawled back to Rix’s body, “ I only have eyes for you “ she thought as she cut out the untouched eye . She slowly inched her way to the panel. she put Rix eye to the small module, there was a bleep. through her binocs the lasers disappeared. “ it begins “

phasma crept forward. A small flight of stone stairs led to a counter , “ a reception , awaits “ she giggled . behind the counter in a office , phasma spied a Merc . he was snorting some spice on the table. she inched below the counter top . She had sorted out the telemetry in her head , she flipped over the counter and in one motion slammed the mercs head down, the spice pipe went through the top of the mans nose . she yanked his head hard to the right, a snap then he fell .

the first floor was silent, too quiet phasma thought . then she noticed the floor. one side was old carpet. The other metal. she picked up a small rock. And threw it at theemcarpet. It hit , then the carpet gave way . she heard the hisses . “ relcops “ snake like creatures. Nasty and deadly . She threw a piece of garbage at the metal. It suddenly slid away to a vertical point. she glanced up, small slats hung across the ceiling

phasma took to the centre, and then sharply ran at the side wall and jumped for a slate. she caught hold and traversed the slats , to the other side. she quietly pirouetted down to the floor.

she saw the merc , before he saw her . The devaronian snarled. Phasma threw her knife at him , it hit square, handle first , he staggered back, she ran forward. Two kicks to his legs , sent him on his knees, phasma stepped on the knife blade, it flew up,and in one motion caught it , then drove it straight down in the devaronion’s head

“ this one isn’t a grunt “ phasma said , as she saw a small radio transmitter on his belt

She took it off the belt and put it on hers , the second floor awaited this floor consisted of a cafeteria and kitchen, phasma started towards the kitchen, she had hardly got in when a fridge door swung open and two Jawa’s lept at her She swatted them back , and instantly sprang back . there was a black metal table in the centre of the kitchen. her foot caught the side . Suddenly six sharp blades came up from both sides of the table in a cutting and dicing motion. a industrial meat chopper. one of the Jawa’s came up from the top of a cabinet. he literally flew at her . She caught him , and then slammed him on the black table, six blades came up and down. The Jawa slid off the table in six sections . The other one hung back , startled phasma went back more into the kitchen. she brushed up against a cleaning machine, it opened and a tray of plates and equipment came out, she placed the tray to the side, the Jawa had inched along out of sight, but made the mistake of brushing up to some hanging pots . Phasma caught him with a frying pan . then picked him up by the ankle and rushed to the cleaning machine. She dialled it up to extreme temperature and threw the Jawa in . The lid slammed shut . Smoke rose from it and then a scream. phasma didn’t hang back to find out what emerged.

upstairs, skiz ran to jan’s room “ we have a visitor “ he said “ full lock down “ jan said “ we’re in deep poodo “ skiz laughed “ one person “ jan grabbed skiz’s collar “ it’s her “ outside of the kitchen, there was a hallway, six mercs sat on chairs and a sofa three duros and three weequays . “ hello there “ said the lead duros . “ would you like to dance “ phasma said , the duros frowned “ dance “ he said incredulous “ I’m deadly serious “ phasma said . suddenly from either side of the room, small alcoves appeared. They contained swords , axes , knives. And something else “ it couldn’t be “ phasma thought . The mercs all dove for various instruments of death, phasma rushed to pick up a Gammorian axe , a duros rushed at her with a spike, two parry’s and then she sliced up with the axe , taking one of the duro’s arms off , he fell with a strangled scream “ they don’t see it “ phasma couldn’t believe it . She ran up the to the small alcove , ditching the axe , a duros and weequay saw their chance, phasma reached in , fumbling for the object . And grabbed it . she steadied herself and touched the button . a shimmering blue blade rose from the lightsaber , a instant later one a duros and weequay head lay on the floor. The others hung back , the odds had swung to phasma . two mercs rushed for her , swinging a axe and sword . Phasma blocked both thrusts and skewered one merc through his chest . a opening swung open on her right, the remaining mercs ran for it . phasma was alone . a crackle and a voice sounded on a intercom “ welcome “ .

across the vastness of space, kylo ren stood before his master. snoke seemed troubled. “ our captain is walking into something, that might pull her out of our first order family “ “ nothing will sway her “ ren retorted “ normally yes , but a powerful force, will pull at her “ snoke said “ that’s why I’m sending you there “ . “ as insurance “ . ren seemed startled “ but the mission to jakku “ . “ patience, deal with this . Then skywalker awaits “ snoke smiled “ oh ren , if the captain isn’t compliant, kill her “

the third floor, the cold hit phasma as soon as she emerged into a vast room , a hole or pit was in the centre of the room. pipes and a big control unit was on one wall . “ something wants to be at home “ phasma thought . She spied a crumpled form in a corner . but another larger form was hiding in the shadows. The Wampa sprung at phasma . she reeled back in shock . She unhooked the lightsaber. but the creature took a swip at her . phasma reeled back , the lightsaber flew out of her hand . It soared a high arc in the air , before landing with a thud . on the edge of the pit she quickly kicked the wampa in the stomach . It reeled in pain . Phasma saw her chance. she quickly ran and slid on her stomach to the pit , grabbing the lightsaber on the way, she disappeared into the hole .

it wasn’t very big , some half eaten human or alien remains were in it . Phasma heard the wampa approach . As it appeared over the hole , phasma jumped and lit the sabre. She sliced sideways. cutting the wampa at the knees . It fell down with a curdled shout of pain and anguish. Then she walked over to it , knelt down and put the sabre hilt to the head of the wampa “ sorry “ she said , and activated. It was over.

phasma ran to the exit of the room . she spied a small office by the side . she crawled in . a food dispenser was on one wall she bashed some buttons. Two protein packs fell out , and a small drinking vessel . She tore at the packs , hurriedly eating the contents . Then taking a slurp out of the drink container. “ dam , call of nature” she glanced out . two refreshers were at the end of the corridor . Female left , male right she inched along to the female toilet

after washing her face , the tannoy suddenly sounded, “ go to the elevator “ . Phasma Looked outside. At the end of the corridor. A black chrome elevator appeared .

jan sat at the control panel, “ it’s time for games to end, time to talk “ she wondered aloud. Skiz was worried “ she’s here for one reason only, to kill you “ . “ you think I don’t know that “ . “ go “ jan said. “ you want to live , yes ?” . skiz didn’t need a second invitation, “ thanks boss “ he gave a wave , then exited .

phasma got in the elevator. a button for floor seven beeped . And the final trip up was on . the trip was short , a couple of minutes. The door opened with a hiss , phasma stepped out . She was in a small living room. jan sat on a sofa “ hello “ she smiled. phasma felt her hands clench up “ hello mother “ .

phasma looked at jans legs “ I didn’t get the job done “ “ an oversight , I’m shocked “ jan said . “ concern, in a twisted way “ I’m touched “ phasma came closer “ All I’m concerned with now , is ending this “ a shuffling of feet, sent jan and phasma’s glances to the right. skiz entered with kylo ren behind him . “ the rats are escaping “ ren said “ if phasma was shocked, she hid it well. “ got bored , did we “ . “ I’m here to ensure sentiment doesn’t come into play “ . “ sentiment “ laughed jan . “ in a way , yes family trip is needed “ . “ NOW SKIZ” jan shouted . The room suddenly went into darkness. Jan punched a hole in the sofa. Two stun guns emerged. skiz had been emplanted with

night vision. Jan threw one gun at skiz . He jammed it at rens throat , he fell . jan lunged at phasma , and caught her on the neck with a 20 second jolt . she stumbled forward. “ another one “ skiz shouted , jan gave a shot to phasma’s back . She fell. “ get the special restraints , and ready the ship “ jan said “ yes boss “ skiz hurried away. Jan knelt by phasma’s body. “ oh , daughter. a new life awaits “

Skiz entered with a large box, and started pulling out several Ysalamirl. Force dampening creatures “ put a few on him “ jan said. Pointing at kylo . Skiz put about four of the Ysalamiri on ren . They wrapped around his body. phasma sat in binders “ wherever you go, the first order will track you “ . Jan smiled “ I obtained the services of a slicer , they won’t be tracking us “ . “ I paid him enough, that last I heard he was on canto bight “ . “ where are you taking us “ phasma said , stern but intrigued “ somewhere your talents will be appreciated “ jan laughed “ going to make my fortune with you “ “ skiz on our way “ jan shouted to the cockpit. the ship sailed up , it’s clocking shield humming. “ you will be top billing. AT THE MAW”

deep space, outer rim The planetoid THE MAW

the crowd had melted away , All was silence. Aria walked through the arena, picking up litter and broken bottles. she brushed the tangled locks of purple hair from her face . “ good crowd tonight, they will go away happy tonight “ she mused . Aria was 8 years old . slight but with a stature , that belied her age. her life was the maw , and the contests . she gathered up the sack , and went to processing. she had to stand in line , as others put what they had picked up . To be judged in value. the arbitrator of that , was a aqualish named Tenos . he was all about profit, Aria made her way to him . She placed the contents of her sack, in a draw . It slid back . Tenos looked at a display. “ as always, you don’t disappoint “ . “ good to hear “ Aria smiled . “ you get two rations packs “ Tenos said . “ thank you “ Aria said . “ word is , new arrivals coming “ Tenos said with a laugh. “ .

jan’s ship entered orbit, of the MAW . “ skiz, transmit the entry code “ “ ok “ he said a intercom , sounded in the cockpit “ entry approved “ the ship glided down to a hangar. “ we’re here “ jan said to phasma “ here “ phasma said icily. “ yes , the maw . the greatest fighting arena in the galaxy “ . kylo looked angry “ what are these “ jan smiled “ pointing to the Ysalamiri “ force inhibitors “ . ren was constantly struggling “ the more you use the force “ “ the more they dampen down “ , “ but time is not our Ally “ jan said “ got to get you registered “ a reception committee, waited outside . the owner of the maw was a human named Adrick. Tall , slender about 50 years old. He was dressed in a outfit of crimson red. “ welcome lovely’s “ “ what fresh produce “ a group of guards brought phasma and ren to meet him “ exulted one “ jan said “ I bring fresh warriors “ a wave of hands , Adrick exclaimed “ fresh battles , more excitement “

from high above, Aria watched . she was transfixed. the tall blonde woman in binders gave out an aura of confidence and power. “ our new champion “ Aria thought with Adrick leading the way , phasma and ren were escorted inside the maw

the sight they saw was strangely hypnotic , living spaces were cantilevered on top . while off in the distance . Structures of elegance shimmered .

“ let’s get you aquinted “ Adrick said . as they walked, phasma noticed few weapons. she shouted “ this doesn’t look a fighting place “ .Adrick stopped “ fighting “ he inquired “ yes , weapons armour” . phasma went on “ battle, Death “ this is a war , yes “ Adrick said . he raised his arms , in a grandiose gesture. “ it’s a FASHION WAR !!” . “ you will be our MODEL soldiers “ . “ no fighting!!! “ phasma fumed “ oh there’s battles every day, between the top designers “ “ you and him will climb the summit of gorgeousness “ . Phasma was incredulous “ models “ !! “ but yoglisten with beauty “ Adrick came before phasma “ the best dresses and jewellery awaits you “ . phasma snarled “ I’ll have your head on a platter “ . Adrick turned to jan “ will you stay for the first show “ . “ yes , of course “ “ ok , we go to meet your designers “ . Most of the galaxy’s top fashion gurus were on the maw . infighting was commonplace. To gain even a slight advantage was priceless here . Adrick turned to kylo , “ if you resist , she dies “ . “ take them to the refinery “ Adrick said .they were marched to a building, with a opulent front . inside was a maelstrom of activity. droids. Workers of alien, human varieties. “ I’m taking you to see quandros “ Adrick said to phasma “ he will style you something delightful “ . In a small alcove sat quandros, a Quarren , he was dressed in a blue gown. he jumped up “ Adrick, what have you brought me “ “ a jewel, dear one “ quandros looked wonderfully at phasma “ I have got just the thing, for you. “ he drew back a curtain, a shimmering gown of gold, hung on a pedestal. even phasma was struck by its majesty. .

kylo sat in the cell , two Ysalamiri clung to him “ you fool “ he thought “ must get out of this “ he tried to summon the force. The two creatures grip tightened . He reached out and touched one of the creatures, it gave out a small whimper. Its grip lessoned ever so slightly. kylo was inwardly shocked . He massaged the two Ysalamari . Slowly and gently, the two creatures slid off kylo . He smiled. he gave a massive force push , and the two creatures crumbled into a liquid mess in the corner.

phasma stood in the dressing room. she looked in the tall mirror . the gold gown she wore , looked resplendent in the mirror, unusual thoughts were forming in her mind . “ I’m a warrior, leader “ “ I can’t resist “ she gave a twirl and giggled . quickly her game face came on. “ phasma , its show time “ Adrick said .

the arena was packed , huge tiers of thronged people. in the middle a long silver catwalk. each designer had one model to showcase their prize gown or suit. Adrick strode out “ the galaxy watches , designed for your adoring eyes “ . “ we have new models “ the crowd cheered . from a small alcove, Aria watched , she so wanted a glimpse of the blonde goddess. phasma stood near the curtain “ Adrick said “ shine like a star “ . The curtain parted, phasma stoke forward . The adulation and cheering rose higher . Phasma should have felt disgust or shame , but she was being caught up in the moment. she raised her arms, and started twirling . Aria sat in her cubbyhole transfixed. The music rose up (3rd generation, modal nodes) phasma started dancing to the music. Suddenly she stopped. up in the rafters was kylo ren . The look he gave her , was pure disgust . he grabbed a rope and swung down . “ having fun “

“ yes “ phasma said . “ we’re leaving “ . Adrick rushed toward them , ren lifted him with the force. then pushed him against a wall. he fell hard down , unconscious. Aria watched the commotion. “ she can’t leave “ she thought. As phasma and ren exited . Aria knew the maw inside out. “ must get to the hanger bay “ . She made her way into the maze of air ducts.

phasma and ren , made their way to the hanger bay . Phasma had ditched her shoes . they spied jan’s cruiser . two guards were standing idely by the ramp . ren and phasma rushed up , kylo pushed the guards out of the way . “ get us out of here “ phasma shouted . Kylo got to the controls . The ship lifted up and shot away from the maw . “ get on the gun , we will have company “ . phasma rushed to the gun turret. she eased in , despite the gold gown . she put the headset on “ how many coming “ “ 10, fighters “ ren said . jan pushed back the throttle on the old A-wing . a group of old fighters flew with her . “ don’t destroy, disable “ she intoned over her headset . The fighters spread out into attack formation . “ standard formation “ kylo said “ be ready “ “ for what “ phasma said . Kylo pulled the ships yoke hard and the cruiser went straight for the fighter group. “ he’s mad “ jan thought as her ship loomed large . phasma had two fighters in her sights , she fired a couple of bursts of laser fire. they both exploded in balls of flame. “ breck away “ jan shouted, as two more fighters were gunned down. jan throttled down and went low , spinning up she let loose a flurry of shots , she winced as she hit her own ship . ren wrestled with the controls “ we’re hit “ “ I’m making for that planet, nearby “ . Kylo dove the ship down , the four remaining fighters hung back “ there going nowhere “ jan said .

Ariba one , was a water world. Punctuated by Islands, kylo made for one of the bigger islands. the landing was bumpy, but they were in one piece. “ I’m going to check the damage “ he said to phasma . he strode past and pressed the landing ramp button as the ramp came back up again, with a hiss . phasma sat in the quiet. she looked up shuffling was coming from a overhead compartment. she went across, reached for it , and braced for a fight . phasma opened it quickly. a small form fell out . Aria fell with a bump, “ who are you!! “ phasma said shocked . Aria rubbed her head “ “ I couldn’t let you leave, your the new maw champion “ , “ champion “ phasma snorted “ I’m a soldier, NOT a model “ . The landing ramp came down again “ damm” phasma thought . kylo walked up , brushing his hands . He saw Aria “ who is this “ he intoned pointing at her . “ stowaway “ phasma said . “ ditch her “ kylo said he walked to a compartment. and started pulling out a silver mesh net . Aria said “ I know something of this world, I can help “ “ this is no place for you , little one “ phasma said . Aria leaned back on a wall “ I snuck on here , from the arena, without detection “ she wanted to sell her attributes, “ she has skills “ phasma said , shrugging her shoulders at ren . “ just for the moment, you’re useful “ . kylo said to Aria “ it’s not forever “ he glared at her . “ camouflage “ phasma said pointing at the mesh , “ it’ll hide the ship dfrom scans “ kylo said . “ we’ve got to get it outside “ . All three heaved the mesh outside the ship . “ stand back “ ren said. He held out a hand , the silver mesh rose and enveloped the ship . “ we have to explore “ phasma said . .” Ok , you and the girl go “ ren said sheepishly. Phasma raised her hands in a plaintive gesture, “ thanks “ phasma grabbed the hem of the gown , and tore it at the knees. “ that’s better “ she sighed. Kylo threw a transmitter at her “ keep in contact “ .

phasma and Aria, made their way into the island . “ you tore at that work of art “ Aria said to phasma . phasma shot a look back “ a dress , armour is art “ . “ you can’t deny it, I saw you on that catwalk “ Aria pointed at her “ you were as free as a bird “ . phasma stroded forward “ we have to hurry, not much daylight left “ . about twenty minutes later , they came up to a clearing. A camp was situated in the bowl of the basin. “ it’s been there a while “ phasma said quietly . She felt the blaster barrel on her neck “ up , slowly “ she and Aria stood up, pirates phasma said inwardly. “ you too are far from home, the governor will be pleased “ the human male was dressed in basic attire. he called to another pirate who appeared at the camp , “ get the skimmer ready, alert others to look for their ship “ . phasma thought I could take out these two twerps , but the girl. that what was troubling her . she got angry. she and Aria were led to the shore . A batterd skimmer was resting on the water . “ in “ the two pirates shouted. they all got in the skimmer . It started with a sputter of noise . “ how old is this “ phasma said . One of the pirates said “ hey , it works “ they started out , riding over the water. “ are we going to another island “ phasma inquired . “ oh no “ was the response. daylight was fading fast . off the horizon a shape was looming. a downed ORBITOR . a luxury cruise ship. it wasn’t new . but still looked striking. A small hole was on the side . They traveled inside.

the liner was the size of a small city. a malestom of activity. phasma and Aria were led through the corridors. looks and murmurings followed them . the grand ballroom had been converted into a basic comm and sensor station. amidst all of this . The governor stood surveying the situation. “ madam “ the pirates said bringing phasma and Aria forward . They both looked stunned. the governor was a 15 year old girl “ expecting something different “ “ I’m Catrina “ . Aria jumped in “ will you help us “ “ if you see around you , we survive “ . “ we have too “ Aria said sharply “ oh spirit “ “ what would you have us do?” Catrina said “ deposit us back to that island “ Catrina smiled “ where you’re ship is , no doubt “ “ I’m being up front “ Aria smiled . “ well , while I mull it over, you two must be hungry and thirsty “ .

Early morning, the skimmer drove out to the island. Russo and Blicks . We’re happier they were travelling back in daylight than night. “ lucky we caught them too “ Russo said , “ extra rations packs for us “ Blicks replied . They brought the skimmer to the shore and hauled some supplies to the camp . Russo went into one of the two sleeping tents . As suddenly he flew out of it , and landed roughly on the sand . Kylo emerged from the tent , he pointed at Blicks “ take me to where you took them “

after a huge meal , phasma and Aria woke from a fitful sleep. after washing and phasma’ had found a green uniform, and ditched the gold gown . They were brought to the ballroom. “ everything ok “ Catrina asked “ yes Aria said “ do you have an answer “ . Before Catrina could say something. A blast shook the ship . people went to the windows to look. “ get down “ Catrina shouted . phasma crawled to a window and saw several fighters making strafing runs on the cruise ship. “ jan “ phasma was angry “ she doesn’t give up , does mother “ one of the fighters dropping a smoke bomb “ we’re getting visitors “ phasma said . Catrina sounded a alarm “ repel boarders “ . “ do you have weapons “ phasma said . “ a small batch “ Catrina exclaimed . let’s get them “ .

jan and about twenty mercs emerged from the smoke, “ I want them alive “ she said They fanned out . suddenly blaster fire came back at them . “ move forward “ jan said the firefight continued, the pirates were no match for the mercs . phasma had set up near the ballroom. There was only one way in . Any one coming up this way would be cut down . there was a boom . but inside. the mercs had come up from the floor. phasma hit the door switch and rushed in . she spied Catrina fighting two mercs phasma took a merc by the head , spun him round and shot him . Then punched another. She was in her element now . The dance of death . A merc tried to trade jabs with her , she freighted fight and jumped up and kicked the merc in the head , sending him flying to a wall . She rushed up two the two mercs fighting Catrina. she asma bashed one , with her blaster . The other Catrina caught with a kick. jan hid in a corner . watching, waiting for the right moment. she suddenly felt herself lifting up . a tighting on her throat . kylo was behind her , he slammed her down “ phasma end this “ she saw Aria sitting in a cubbyhole. “ go “ phasma said . Aria stood where she was. “ very well “ jan was on her knees. “ we could have a life together “ she wept “ it’s not too late “ “ my life is in order, the FIRST order “ phasma snarled

“ I too , saw you on that catwalk, different animal there “ . Phasma knelt by her mother “ yes , I could roam , like a lioness “ . “ you shed the gown “ jan said sorrowful “ like a snake, I had to shed that skin “ “ it wasn’t me “ . jan smiled, “ do you know why I made the maw , a sort of home “ . phasma was intrigued “ . Adrick was my partner, he knew I couldn’t have kids , so he went to Kamino. And came back with a girl . With slowed growth acceleration “ jan motioned to Aria “ come here daughter “ Aria ran to jan , hugging her tightly “ she has skills, yes “ . Phasma lowerd her head “ yes “ Aria inched close to Phasma . “ you could come back to the maw , with us “ this was

beginning to get to phasma “ my place is somewhere different “

kylo said “ we are wasting time, finish this “ “ no “ phasma shouted “ you place these pitiful things, above our order “ “ be careful captain “ phasma hugged jan then Aria . Tears came down her face . “ family “ she whispered to them both . phasma stood up. “ I’ve made my choice “ she said to ren

the maw , arena huge beams of light shone over the silver catwalk. phasma strode out in a gown of gold and silver. “ welcome, let the fashion festival begin “ . the favourite models of the designers. plied the various outfits . jan and Aria sat by the front . Clapping excitedly as in the normal ritual, they gathered to eat together , after the show “ they love you even more “ jan said to phasma . phasma giggled “ it’s wonderful “ “ next week, Aria makes her debut “ “ really “ Aria said excited. “ yes , Timmo the Wookiee is already making your gown “ “ I’m excluded “ jan laughed

the alarm went off in the FINALIZER. phasma awoke , pulled off the virtual reality mask . she sighed “ always at a good point “ . She slid the small disc from the mask looking at the title FAMILY . then put it among the other discs on a shelf in her quarters. she quickly got into her chrome armour.

Hux meet her at the bridge “ our asset is in trouble again “ . “ we need better assets “ phasma said sardonically. “ what is it this time “ . “ local warlord, usual stuff “ “ prepare my shuttle and battle tank “ phasma said . she walked towards the elevator “ send my regards “ Hux said . Phasma turned around “ your welcome to join us “ Hux smiled , part fear and contempt.

phasma’s battle tank was a smaller but not less deadly modified A9 turbo tank It was armed to the teeth . The tech was old . but simple in its aim dealing death the tank was loaded on phasma’s shuttle, carefully. phasma rode in the back of her shuttle. With her was her squad ALPHA. “ this is a snuff and destroy mission “ she said . they dove into the atmosphere and streaked toward the target zone landing in a stew of rubble and smoke, the turbo tank roared out of the shuttle. Phasma drove . Her gunners behind her . waiting to deal in death. the tank dove on “ gun emplacements coming up “ phasma shouted a few laser shots were hitting at the tank , guns on the tanks right side opened fire. “ all clear captain “ . “ good “ phasma said . Up ahead various vehicles were blocking a road leading to a isolated building. “ speeders coming up “ a gunner shouted. six speeder bikes came roaring . up behind the tank. several thuds were heard . “ we’ve got passengers “ phasma said aslo“ take the controls “ she said to her co-pilot “ keep steady “ phasma got up and reached up to a flap that could be opened. she jumped up and went outside on the tank, she was rushed by six soldiers of alien and human variety, blocking punches and kicks. she head butted one . Who fell over the side with a scream . she drew her staff . and proceeded to clear the tank of interlopers. she got back in . And took the controls again. The tank smashed through the vehicle blockade .

they came up to the building, skidded to a halt , “ squad with me “ phasma said . They. Took positions near the entrance. “ put a charge on the door “ phasma said to a trooper . in second the charge was placed. “ release charge “ phasma shouted they backed away as the charge went off . The door was a mangled mess .the squad and phasma rushed in . as the smoke cleared . the room was empty. a hatchway was on the floor, near the far right of the room. “ they’ve got a head start “ phasma said “ why run ? “ she thought “ alpha 1 , scout ahead “ she said . the trooper slowly opened the hatchway. “ drop a smoke grenade “ phasma said . the trooper took a grenade from his belt, and threw it down the hatch . a billowing of smoke rose up . then he dropped into the hole . “ alpha 1 , report “ phasma relayed , “ all clear up,front . wait “ a crackling , then silence. “ report alpha 1” phasma said concerned. still silence “ I’m going in, full alert status “ phasma commanded . She ran forward and dived in the hole .

getting up from her crouch, phasma surveyed the scene, a crimson red trail led from a pool of blood. “ . phasma noticed that the tunnel she was in , was not natural. old metal was on both sides . “ all squad members down here “ phasma had to sound confident, but she was slightly uneasy. “ we stay together, from now “ . the squad moved forward. the stain had gone . as they rounded a curve , they saw alpha 1 body , lying against a wall . A female was over him . She turned towards them , a quarter of her face was eaten away , “ what the ....” phasma said . the female strove to get up , it was a struggle. She was gurgling and he body was trembling, she rushed forward. Phasma fired her blaster, the bolt went through the females head . the body fell , twitched a couple of times. Then was still . “ what was that “

alpha three inquired “ don’t know “ phasma shot back . “ the asset , who are they “ alpha four said “ it’s a need to know, situation “ phasma was computing scenarios in her head , few came up positive. They inched along another corridor. in the distance, a alcove with four elevators. suddenly one elevator door opened, several aliens and humans emerged. Their clothes were ripped and they lumbered along . “ go for the head , Phasma shouted. Blaster fire rang out. after about a minute all the people were lying on the floor.

Phasma looked at the bodies “ experiment gone wrong “ she mused . The other elevators were ransacked and burnt . “ we’re taking a trip “ Phasma said , as they went inside the elevator. a panel on the wall said CONTAINMENT ONE . Phasma pushed a button, the elevator shook slightly. The went downwards. “ this isn’t turning into a simple extraction “ alpha four said “ when I want opinions, I’ll ask “ Phasma said . the elevator shuddered to a halt , “ keep tight “ Phasma shouted as the doors came open. They emerged into a reception area . a huge sign hung on the wall ISOLATION . movement caught Phasma’s eye . a human male staggered out of a . office. His white coat was stained with blood. he appeared normal, as normal went in these circumstances . “ you came , at last “ “ what’s going on here “ Phasma said . “ we were testing some growth and mental compounds on people “ “ side effects became too varied “ . he went on “ food rationing was strict, then non existent “ the man sat down . “ where’s Salazar “ the man got suddenly frightened “ he spilt off from the main research group, two months ago “ the man shot a angry look at Phasma. “ he created them for you “ “ them?” Phasma said “ .

“ special soldiers, increased mental and physical prowess “ . “ the last two communications , he was excited a breakthrough “ . We got the last message two days ago , Salazar was hands on. He tried the serum himself. “ . “ since then silence “ where is he located “ Phasma inquired “ further down, section 12 “ . “ what about the other test subjects “ . “ we had about 50, all luckily in one wing “ . Phasma took the man buy the throat “ I lost a trooper!!” “ stragglers “ the man blurted. “ how many did Salazar have “ . “ ten “ the man said sheepishly, . “ ok , orders are changed “ she said “ shoot to kill “ . the squad went for the elevator to section 12 . “ you’re coming too” Phasma said to the scientist . he started shaking “ why me “ . “ we need a guide “

the elevator went creaking down to section 12, the group emerged into artificial light, The main power was out . “ where’s the main hub “ Phasma said “ down a couple of corridors “ the man said . “ alpha, code red” phasma gave a hand signal. the squad moved forward, slowly and with caution. a large central room loomed ahead. On top of the doors , welcome was painted in blood. the squad gingerly pushed through the doors . Salazar sat in a chair, eight bodies of soldiers lay around him two other six foot, muscular troops stood either side of him . “ ah , the first order reception “ he said gleefully. Salazar was normally five foot four , but several implants had grown him to six foot. And his muscular body was rippling. “ my two brothers will escort you out !! “ “ I have your first order termination order “ Phasma said . the two grunts either side of Salazar moved to engage alpha squad.

phasma suddenly moved forward, drawing her spear , she freighted left . And hit one of the soldiers in the chest . he staggered back a bit . alpha four engaged the other mutated soldier. he got in a couple of good blows , but the soldier picked alpha four up and sent him crashing down , on a knee . Phasma heard alpha four’s back break. she was angry. she rushed up . Four punches and two kicks. the soldier fell on one knee , Phasma sliced her spear through the soldiers head. the other came up behind her . Grabbing. she fell down and twisted in one motion. Kicking the soldier in the crotch, as he fell, Phasma took out her knife and drove it into the soldiers mouth .

Salazar got up “ play time “ . Phasma cleaned her spear of blood and mucus “ shall we dance “ the two combatants, circled each other . then they came at each other, a flurry of blows and punches, Salazar made a move right, but sent a left kick to Phasma, she reeled back . Salazar sensed a opportunity. two punches sent Phasma to the ground. Suddenly a form landed on Salazar’s back . The scientist gave futile blows to his head and back, Salazar reached up and grabbed the man . Started to throttle him . “ little man , how dare you “ Salazar snarled the shock on the scientist’s face was huge , not for the fact of being strangled. But Phasma’s spear going straight through Salazar’s head . It stopped inches from the mans face . Salazar fell , the grip on the man loosened. “ thank you “ she said looking down . She reached out a hand , the man took it . He stood up “ why did you do that “ “ I don’t know “ the man said “ a important lesson has been learned “ she said . “ a lesson “ the scientist said puzzled Phasma grabbed the man , spun him round and broke his neck “ never let your guard down “

the end....